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Here is still another great feature of the EZ Calculator Mortgage Calculator. Ez Calculator's ROI Calculator is geared to figure returns on mutual funds or other compounding interest investments. Enter:

1) Yearly interest rate you expect to get on your investment.

2) Amount of initial investment (if any), if you don't have an initial investment you can leave blank or enter zero.

3) Amount you will be adding or "paying in" to your investment which will be weekly or monthly or quarterly. This will be zero or left empty if you only have an initial investment. It doesn't matter if you don't have a periodic pay in. If, for instance, you just want to see how much $10000 at 10% for 20 years will net you. EZ Calculator will figure this type of problem for you as well.

4) Click the radio button that corresponds to how often this "pay in" occurs. ( weekly, monthly or quarterly) If there is none, ignore the weekly, monthly, quarterly buttons. You must, of course, have a periodic pay in or an initial investment or both, but you don't have to have both. In any case, next enter ...

5) The time of the investment in years and decimal fractions of years. Though you can enter any time frame you would like, most people just round off to the nearest year. The EZ Calculator Return on Investment Calculator will work just fine if you enter a time such as 11.62 years, however, since the investment will be compounded quarterly, it makes the most sense to enter the time of your investment in quarters. For instance, 10.25 (for 10 and 1 quarter year), 10.50 ( for 10 and a half year), etc. Next click on the "click here to calculate" button and read the amazing results EZ Calculator returns to you!

Yearly interest rate %
(Many investments are compounded quarterly. Therefore, calculations on this page are also compounded quarterly. Quarterly compounding splits
the difference between monthly compounding and yearly compouning and
gives you the best idea of how much your investment will grow. However,
make sure to enter YEARLYinterest rate above.)

Amount of initial investment(if any) $

Amount of periodic pay-ins (if any)$

Periodic pay-ins will be made: Quarterly Monthly Weekly

Amount of time of the investment, in years, this invest will be for. Since this calculator compounds quarterly, it makes sense to enter number in YEARS rounded to the nearest quarter. For example; 10.25, 10.50, 10.75, 11 years, etc.) Enter Time of invesrment here:

Enter values above. Box
below will be calculated.

The total return on your investment is: $

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