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EZ Calculator's Free Financial Calculator is a Monthly Mortgage Payment Calculator and Much More! It includes a great student loan debt consolidation calculator and a one of a kind Negative Amortization Table.

This Free Home Mortgage Calculator was developed by real estate investor, Ed Lathrop, to be used as a free tool. It can be used to calculate for car finance payments as well. Unlike all other online mortgage calculators which are designed to sell you their company's mortgages, this Free Online Mortgage Calculator is simply here for you to use as a Mortgage Calculator or a financial calculator to make it easy for you to make your investment and home purchasing decisions.

This mortgage borrowing calculator has many original calculators, such as an in depth Amortization Table builder and a Payment Breakdown builder which will show you how much of each monthly payment is interest and how much is being paid toward principal.

The EZ Calculator Mortgage Calculator will show you how to save $100,000 on Your Mortgage! This is done on the "Make Money paying down your mortgage" calculator. In short, with EZ Calculator's Free Calculator you will be able to do any calculation that has to do with a mortgage or loan payment schedule.

Also included is an interest only mortgage repayment calculator. Technically, there is no such thing as an interest only repayment calculator because an interest only loan will never be repaid.

Ez Calculator has a great ROI calculator, and don't forget to use EZ Calculator's renowned "Pay Your Credit Cards Quick" calculator. All these great calculators are free to use!

Sometimes people arrive here looking for a Bimonthly Mortgage Calculator. Actually, this would be a biweekly mortgage calculator because bimonthly mortgages don't exist, or at least, they are very rare. You may go to the page "Difference Between Biweekly Bimonthly" for a clarification on this, if you would like.

You can start to use the calculators listed in the links to your right (and below), right away. Or, if you need more information, you can refer to the lower portion of this page for a description of each of EZ Calculator's free mortgage calculators. This home page is also the help page.

EZ Calculator is a free online Mortgage Calculator

it will calculate anything that has to do with finances. Payments, interest rate, accelerated credit card debt payoff and more! EZ Calculator allows homeowners, prospective home buyers, Real Estate investors or anyone else to calculate all the numbers at their own leisurely pace. The EZ Calculator online mortgage calculator is the best mortgage calculator on the net because it does more than any other calculator. Also, it doesn't use popup's. If you see one, it isn't ours.

EZ Calculator mortgage calculator is very easy to use, especially, if you are experienced with mortgage calculators. However, some of these calculators are "one of a kind" calculators that are found only here on this online mortgage calculator. Therefore, here is an explanation of each of the calculators.

Home Page

Monthly Payment - Simply fill in 3 boxes. 1) The amount of the mortgage or the total being loaned to you. 2) The yearly interest rate, and, 3) The number of payments you will be making. For instance, 30 years equals 360, 15 years equals 180, etc. Never enter commas when figuring problems on Ez Calculator. Enter 100000 instead of 100,000. Next click on the "click here to calculate" button. Ez Calculator figures out your monthly payment, without any escrow that may be added for taxes and insurance. Ez Calculator also figures the total amount you will pay to the mortgage company over the course of the mortgage.

Note: There is no difference in how you use this calculator to figure your monthly mortgage payment or if you want to figure the monthly payment of a student loan debt consolidation payment.

Total Principal - On this calculator EZ Calculator calculates how much the principal is left on a loan when you enter; 1) Yearly interest rate. 2) Number of payments left on the loan. And, 3) The amount of the monthly payment. Then click "click here to calculate." This calculator is the perfect calculator to figure out how much money you can borrow when you know the amount of the monthly payment you can afford, the interest rate you can get and the number of payments you will make. This is usually 360 (30 years) 240 (20 years) or 180 (15 years). You can also calculate how much you still owe on an existing loan when you know your interest rate, your monthly payment and how many payments still need to be paid.

Number of Payments - On this calculator you enter; 1) The total amount of the mortgage or loan, 2)The yearly interest rate of the loan, and, 3) The amount of the monthly payment. Then, click "click here to calculate" and EZ Calculator will calculate exactly how many payments you'll need to make to pay this loan in full.

Interest Rate - On this calculator, EZ Calculator will very accurately determine the interest rate on any loan when you know; 1)The total amount of the mortgage or loan, 2) The amount of the monthly payment, and, 3) The number of monthly payments you'll need to pay.

Interest Only Payment Calculator - This one is easy to explain. This calculator calculates the payment for an interest only loan. There is no time factor figured into this calculation. Whether the loan is 1 payment long or 50 years, the payment would be the same and the final amount of the loan will be the same as the borrowed amount.

Pay down mortgage calculator - This is the famous "EZ Calculator" calculator that will show you how to make $100,000 on your mortgage. In this calculator, you will enter 1) The amount of money left to pay on the loan, 2) The yearly interest rate, and, 3) The amount of the monthly payment. Then after clicking "click here to calculate" EZ Calculator performs its magic. If it's at all feasible for you to save $100,000 on this mortgage, EZ Calculator will tell you exactly how to do so. It will figure every aspect of your loan. All you have to do is simply read it out. If, however, it's not practical to save $100,000 on this loan, EZ Calculator, amazingly, will tell you that is not practical and then calculate for you a practical amount that you could save (Certainly 10's of thousands of dollars) and then it will show you how to do it.

Pay down mortgage calculator 2- performs the same magic as the "Make Money Paying Down Your Mortgage" calculator. The difference is; this page was developed because many people aren't sure how much principal they have left to pay on their mortgages but they do have a good idea how many payments they had left to make. If this is your situation this is the calculator you use to figure out how to Make Money, maybe even $100,000, Paying Down Your Mortgage.

Save Big On Your Mortgage is a similar page to "Make Money Paying Down Your Mortgage." The difference is, here you can fool around with different amounts of extra principle you can pay each month and see the results. On this page you enter your 1) Interest rate 2) The amount you have left to pay on your loan, and, 3) Your monthly payment. Then, before you click the " click here to calculate button", 4) Enter an amount that you could pay extra each month in the "Extra amount you will pay monthly" box. Ez Calculator will show you how much you will save over the course of the mortgage. The results are often astounding!

Save Big on Your Mortgage Page 2 is very similar to "Save Big On Your Mortgage" except it is for people who don't know how much principal they owe on their loan or mortgage but they do know how many payments they have left to pay. Still, as with "Save Big On Your Mortgage" this calculator lets you fool around with different extra amounts you can pay each month and EZ Calculator will tell you how many 10's of thousands of dollars you will save!

Amortization Schedule. This may well be the best amortization table builder on the Internet! EZ Calculator's Free Mortgage Calculator Amortization table page will build an amortization table for any mortgage or loan. Just enter in the total amount of the mortgage (Principal), interest rate and length of the mortgage in years. This amortization table builder even gives you the option of building a table that shows every month's amortization or end of year amortization.

Ez Calculator's "Payment Breakdown" page is similar to the amortization schedule page. The difference is, this Free Mortgage Calculator page breaks each individual payment into its components, interest and principal instead of calculating a running total. This is another original calculator developed by Ed Lathrop to be used for free online, anytime.

Amortization Table If you would prefer to see the outputs of both the amortization schedule and the payment breakdown all on one page, you will like Ezcalculator's Amortization Table Calculator. On this page you can build an Amortization Table for any mortgage simply by in putting the amount of the mortgage, the interest rate and the length of the mortgage. Though the printout is usually, about 12 pages long, this table is made so you can print it out on any printer.

Negative Amortization Table - This Ez Calculator page calculates amortization tables for negative amortization mortgages. In case you don't know, a negative amortization mortgage, or Neg Am, is a mortgage where the original monthly payment is very low for the first few years of the mortgage and then, after a certain pre-set time the rate will change to a normal value. This calculator outputs a true Negative Amortization Table and is the only calculator quite like it, anywhere!

Difference Between Biweekly Bimonthly Simply is here to explain the difference between the terminologies Biweekly and Bimonthly. This page does not contain a calculator.

Mortgage Biweekly Payment Calculator Shows you how much money you will save by switching to a biweekly payment schedule. You enter the amount left to pay, or to be borrowed, if you haven't gotten the mortgage yet. Then enter the interest rate and monthly payment. The Free Mortgage Calculator will tell you how long it will take to pay the mortgage using the monthly payment plan and how long it would take if you switch to a biweekly plan and how much money you will save by doing so. On today's newer mortgages, this is often more than $100,000. You can learn much more about biweekly mortgage payment plans at another EZ Calculator Website. You can get there by clicking on Biweekly Mortgages.

Student Loan Debt Consolidation Calculator - is a 100% accurate Student Loan Calculator for figuring the cost of Student Loans and Student Loan Debt Consolidation programs. Remember to enter the length of the mortgage after the deferment period, if any, in months because many Student Loans are not amortized over even years. In other words some student loans are made for payback periods of 100 months, 90 months or 75 months, etc. This Student Loan Debt Consolidation Calculator will show you the amortization table for the loan. You may print it out if you wish.

Pay Credit Card Debt Quick - is another one of EZ Calculator's great extras! Get all your credit card statements together, enter in your cards' 1) Balances 2) Interest Rates, and, 3) Monthly Payments. Ez Calculator will calculate how long you will be paying these credit cards and how much more to pay monthly to get them paid in full and off your back, quickly!

Return on Investment - Here is still another great feature of the EZ Calculator Mortgage Calculator. Ez Calculator's ROI Calculator is geared to figure returns on mutual funds or other compounding interest investments. Enter:

1) Yearly interest rate you expect to get on your investment.

2) Amount of initial investment (if any), if you don't have an initial investment you can leave blank or enter zero.

3) Amount you will be adding or "paying in" to your investment which will be weekly or monthly or quarterly or yearly. This will be zero or left empty if you only have an initial investment. It doesn't matter if you don't have a periodic pay in. If, for instance, you just want to see how much $10000 at 10% for 20 years will net you. EZ Calculator will figure this type of problem for you as well.

4) Click the radio button that corresponds to how often this "pay in" occurs. ( weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) If there is none, ignore the weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly buttons. You must, of course, have a periodic pay in or an initial investment or both, but you don't have to have both. In any case, next enter:

5) The length of the investment to the nearest quarter year. For instance, 10.25 (for 10 and 1 quarter year), 10.50 ( for 10 and a half year), etc. Next click on the "click here to calculate" button and read the amazing results EZ Calculator returns to you!

Plain Old Calculator - is just a common everyday calculator we just threw in to EZ Calculator so you can calculate common math problems.

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