Calculate Number Of Payments Of Mortgage

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Here you can figure the number of payments you have left on a Mortgage or loan. You need to enter the interest rate, principal of the loan and the amount of the monthly payment. Incredibly, the Mortgage Calculator will tell you how many full payments you have left to make and the amount of the final partial payment that is left. This is exactly the way a mortgage, or car loan for that matter is calculated by the lender.


This is very handy if you have been paying a mortgage for a while that are not sure how many payments you have left to pay or, if you are thinking about getting a mortgage they can be helpful in determining the length of the mortgage you need.

Amount of the mortgage
(Please don't include commas)$

Yearly interest rate %

Amount of monthly payment $

Enter values in the three boxes above.
Boxes below will be calculated.

The number of payments
needed to pay the loan in full is:

In other words ...
you will need to make full payments

Plus, one final payment of $

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