Pay Down Your Mortgage Calculator 2

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This Free Mortgage Calculator performs the same magic as the "Make Money Paying Down Your Mortgage" Calculator. The difference is, this page was developed because many people didn't know how much they had left to pay on their mortgages, but instead, they had a good idea of how many payments they had left to make. If this is your situation this is the page you use to figure out how to Make Money, maybe even $100,000, Paying Down Your Mortgage.

On this page you will input:

Yearly Interest Rate,

Number of Payments Left to Pay, and,

Amount of the Monthly Payment

If you don't know the number of payments you have left, but you do know the total amount left to pay on your loan or mortgage, go to

Pay Down Your Mortgage

Yearly interest rate %

Number of payments left to pay

Amount of monthly payment $

Enter values in the boxes above.
Boxes below will be calculated.

Making the number of payments left at at the current payment amount will cost you $

But, if you pay an extra $ a month

which will change your monthly payment to $

You will make fewer payments

and the total cost of the loan will become $

In other words...
Under the original terms of the loan, it would take years

and months

to pay off the loan in full.
By making this extra monthly payment, you will be paid off in years

and months.

This results in a savings of $ !

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