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This is the famous "Make Money Paying Down Your Mortgage" page. EZ Calculator will show you how to make $100,000 on your mortgage.

Want to pay off your mortgage way ahead of schedule and end up with a lot of money in the bank? You've come to the right website!

In this calculator, you will enter 1) The amount of money left to pay on the loan, 2) The yearly interest rate, and, 3) The amount of the monthly payment.

Then after clicking "click here to calculate" EZ Calculator performs its magic. If it's at all feasible for you to save $100,000 on this mortgage, EZ Calculator will tell you exactly how to do so.

It will figure every aspect of your loan. All you have to do is simply read it out. If, however, it's not practical to save $100,000 on this loan, EZ Calculator, amazingly, will tell you is not practical and then calculate for you a practical amount that you could save (Certainly 10's of thousands of dollars) and then it will show you how to do just that.

Note, in this calculator you input:

Yearly Interest Rate,

Amount left to pay on the loan or mortgage, and,

Amount of monthly payments.

Sometimes people do not know how much they have left to pay on their loan or mortgage, but they do know how many payments they have left. If this is your case, go to

Pay Down Mortgage Calculator2

There you are able to input "number of payments left" instead of "total amount owed on loan or mortgage."

Yearly interest rate %

Amount left to pay on your loan $

Amount of monthly payment $

Enter values in the boxes above.
Boxes below will be calculated.

You will need to make payments

at $ a month to pay off this loan.

This will cost you a total of $

But, if you pay an extra $ a month

which will change your monthly payment to $

You will make fewer payments

and the total cost of the loan will become $

In other words...
Under the original terms of the loan, it would take years

and months

to pay off the loan in full.
By making this extra monthly payment, you will be paid off in years

and months.

This results in a savings of $

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