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You can learn much more about biweekly mortgage payment plans at another EZ Calculator Website.  You can get there by clicking on Biweekly Mortgages.

Mortgage Biweekly Payment Calculator

Make money by paying off your mortgage years sooner than your original schedule.  But, don't pay extra fees to do it.  Just use this calculator and make your payments accordingly.  You'll save thousands of dollars!

All you do is enter the mortgage terms (Amount owed, Time left to pay and monthly payment) into the form below and the mortgage biweekly payment calculator will tell you how much you will save by making biweekly payments.  Of course, if you didn't know the monthly payment but you know the interest rate, you can calculate the monthly payment here. Monthly Payment

Also don't forget to visit our Pay Down Mortgage Calculator so you can  figure out terms on your own to pay off your mortgage years sooner.

Amount owed on the mortgage
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Yearly interest rate %

Amount of monthly payment $

Enter values in the three boxes above.
Boxes below will be calculated.

You will need to pay this
mortgage for: years

and months

But, if instead of making
monthly payments, you make biweekly
payments of $

You will pay off your mortgage
in years
and months.

This means you pay
your mortgage
months sooner and will result in a
savings of $