Mortgage Interest Rate Calculator

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Here is another great calculator from EZ Calculator's Free Home Mortgage Calculator. It is a Simple Interest Calculator that can be used as an interest mortgage calculator or to figure the interest on any loan when the Principal, Monthly Payment and Term of the loan are known.

This calculator will calculate the interest rate of an existing mortgage or the interest rate you will need to get on a mortgage when you know; the total principal or amount borrowed, the number of monthly payments left to pay or that you will be paying and the amount of the monthly payments.

Now you will be able to know at what interest rate you'll be able to afford your dream mortgage!

Amount of the mortgage (Please don't include commas)$

Amount of monthly payment $

Number of payments
(For example; 360 = 30 years,
240 = 20 years, 180 = 15 years.)

Enter values in the three boxes above.
Box below will be calculated.

Yearly interest rate %

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