Amortization Schedule Calculator

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This EZ Calculator Free Mortgage Calculator page will build an amorazation table for any mortgage or loan.

Just enter in the total amount of the mortgage (Principal) and then enter the interest rate. Click on the button that corresponds to the length of the mortgage,. (40, 30, 20, or 15 years) , and then click on whether you want a table that shows the amortization for every month or just for the end of each year.

Then, click the "click to build the amortization table" button and Ez Calculator will build the amortization table. If you want to print out the amortization table, you may, but the monthly table is usually about 8 pages long. So, you have the option of building a yearly table which will fit on 1 page.

The table will show you a running tabulation of the amount of principal left to pay, the total principal paid and the interest paid.

Note: The yearly table is calculated by using monthly compounding which is the same way any mortgage is calculated so, it will be 100% accurate.

Amount of the mortgage
(Please don't include commas) $

Yearly interest rate %

Length of mortgage
40 years 30 years 20 years 15 years 10 years

Which table would you like constructed? Monthly Yearly

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